GJ aMAZEing Pacman Demo

GJ aMAZEing Pacman Demo 3.1

Shoot the ghosts in this good adaptation of the original Pacman
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After the installation is done, and you access the game, at the main screen you have some buttoms at the top tool bar, and among them you can start or pause the game, create a password, configure controls, quit, activate or deactivate music and samples, hide the toolbar or access the help section. Also at the main screen but in the center you will see the main game start, info, website and quit buttons. In the info button you can find all the information you need regarding the game, like the points that each fruit is worth, extra lives, new bonus like shields, guess what, freezers, spawners, fireguns, find em items. During the game you will find some other stuff that are not mentioned in the info, and that as they do we will leave it up to you to find them.
GJ Amazeing Pacman is a good adaptation of the original pacman's version, where you will find some crazy new stuff like guns and keys that will help you open some closed sections in the labyrinth. At the beginning pacman is much faster than the ghosts but as long as you raise levels the ghosts will speed up. Another difference is that instead of having four pills that allows you to chomp the ghosts here you will have only one, so look for this red pill at each level and try not to use them immediately.

Augusto Rivera
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  • It´s easy to install, runs smoothly and is a very well known game


  • The graphics are too basic
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